About Us

  Back in the days when New Jersey was settled, as with all  areas, one of the most important requirements for a homestead was a  reliable fresh water source .
It happens that our farm was settled in it’s location due  to the springs located on the land.  The farm was a thriving dairy farm  for most of it’s life until the main farm house burned to the ground; at  this time the farm was shut down for a few years and then purchased by  our family. We have revitalized the farm and renovated the main spring  house to it’s original condition.

 Our spring water travels through many layers  of limetsone rock giving it's unique refreshing taste before it is taken  from a borehole connected to our spring. It is then piped to a  processing room where it passes through a 5 micron filter then onto a 1  micron absolute filter, at this point it is disinfected by the means of  ultraviolet light.
We are truck friendly, located 1\4 mile off  route 31 on Valleycrest rd., 1 mile south of interstate 78, Our loading  area can accommodate 6 tankers. We can fill tankers at 300 gallons per  minute.
Please contact us for further information.